From the 17th century to this day

The history of Soukaisten Rustholli begins in the 17th century when Matti Matinpoika, a successful soldier, united the small homesteads by the order of the King of Sweden.
In those days Finland belonged to Sweden and “rustholli” meant a big farm that paid its taxes by maintaining one soldier and his horse in the army.
At the beginning of the 18th century Soukainen was one of the largest farms in the region of Rauma. The farm was divided into two parts at the end of the 18th century.
Nestor Soukainen was the last master of the Soukaisten Rustholli.
After his death, in 1907, the farm was divided into many pieces. The base of the farm, however, stayed in the family and the next masters were Nestor’s son Hjalmar, his son Leo and Leo’s son Jyrki, the current owner of the farm. Nowadays the farm has specialized in milk production. The old main building of the farm was built by Nestor’s stepfather in 1876.